About Cardinal Optimization

Cardinal Optimization, Inc. (COI) provides expertise in operations research and its applications. We specialize in numerical optimization and numerical linear algebra, including linear programming, nonlinear programming, semidefinite programming, sparse matrix methods, and iterative solvers. We have experience in a number of specific application areas, including node localization and tracking for wireless sensor networks, trajectory and speed planning for autonomous vehicles, region partition and routing, data fitting and regression, data/text mining and clustering with matrix methods (Singular Value Decomposition, Sparse Nonnegative Matrix Factorization), page rank and its application to social networks, Signal and Image Processing, Inverse problems in Imaging and remote sensing, Statistical Analysis and data minning, Medical and Biological Imaging, Compressed Sensing, Non uniform Fourier Transforms, 3D and 4D Image processing and analysis. COI is dedicated to making use of state of the art modeling and optimization techniques to help its clients add power and value to their products and services.

Cardinal Optimization develops resource allocation and route optimization software for multi-depot, multi-vehicle and multi-stop route planning services.